About Us

Bruno must be the only men's clothes shop where the relaxed atmosphere seems more like a club than a place to buy beautiful clothes, but that's what it is.
Nestled in St.Johns Wood High Street in a warm ambience of oak panelling, Bruno actually has a small lounge with a bar and fire-place where patrons and their ladies can relax and enjoy a glass of champagne or a frothy cappucino while passing judgement on the attire their menfolk are sampling.

Bruno specialise in Italian designed menswear, but as Jean-Pierre, a charming Frenchman with over twenty years of experience in the business, succinctly puts it, "we have all our clothes made specially for us using the finest yarns available and we adapt the designs to suit our clientele. Most of our customers come to us, not because of the label, but because they want quality and fit and we have our own tailor on the premises to ensure it looks as good as it feels.

As well as local, Bruno has a worldwide clientele, a commitment to service and are quite willing to make out of opening hours appointments for busy customers.